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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Youth Happenings September 29, 2013

It's a much more laid back Sunday this week then last week!

9:30-10:30am Explorers

5:00-7:00pm Youth Group
Senior High will be making the final vote on the 2014 Mission Trip location (Committee meets at 4:30pm)
Junior High will be doing activities led by me (Tom).

As usual, we get things started by checking in and having dinner together.

I look forward to seeing everyone!



Friday, September 20, 2013

Sunday September 22, 2014

It going to be a big day Sunday....

If you are in choir, please go to rehearsal when scheduled:
Youth Choir (4-8th grade) 9am in the social hall
Chapel choir (9-12th grade) 9:30 in the social hall

9:30-10:30am Explorer's Class 9:30-10:30 for 6th-8th grade

9:30-10:20am The Youth Mission Trip is the subject of the Adult Forum. We got some people who are for sure showing up:
Maddie F.

...and others hopefully. Please try to show for this, many voices are good. Be outside the Plymouth Room at 9:30am.

10:20am Meet me in the sanctuary. Sit on the side of the church where the piano is (no the bell choir side). I have bulletins and readings for each of you and directions when to head up.There are three times during the service when we have mission trip reflections. I've organized the readings to follow a loose narrative, so you will see on your bulletin "A-1" "B-3," "C-2," etc. The letter refers to which reflection period you will go up during and the number refers to the order you go.

Lian is handling the front end of the liturgy

Julia, Lian, Erica and Cecelia are doing the children's time with me, assuming Erica and Cecilia are back in town.

Maddy is working the slide show with Lee and Lisa. The slide show will happen during offering. The screen will be by the bell choir tables. Stan will improvise music during the slide show, God bless him.

Lydia is handling the tail end of the liturgy.

After Lydia does the benediction, she should move to the front of the aisle and lead all of you out, where you should form a receiving line to greet people as they come out.

Whew! Go home, take a nap, do homework.

5:00-7:00pm Youth Fellowship
We'll do roses and thorns, eat and then junior high will be with Ed and I will be with the senior high to discuss next year's mission trip. Researchers, bring your research!

Any questions or concerns, call me at 612-716-3150 or email me at




Sunday, September 15, 2013

On our way

We are packed back in the bus and leaving pilgrim point. With a short rest stop we should be pulling into the church parking lot around 4 or 4:15. See you there.

Sunday morning - part 1

We just finished worship and ate cleaning up. Our projected arrival is around 4:00. I will update the blog when we are rolling with a more accurate time.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Retreat Update and Packing List

New Departure Time: Friday, 6:00pm
Due to several time conflicts, we will be departing at 6pm, rather than 5pm. So come with a bag dinner or already have had dinner and we'll head out at 6.

Possible return change time: Sunday, 3:30pm
According to the bus company, this is when we'll roll back into MPUC, but I think it may take longer. We will notify you when we know more, but somewhere between 3:30-4:30pm in our window of re-entry.

Here is a packing list, in case you didn't pick one up Sunday:

1. A sleeping bag/bed roll, a pillow, and anything else you need for sleeping

2. Toiletry items including a towel and a washcloth

3. Weather appropriate clothing for daytime activities, possible swimming, and evening outdoor activities (This is Minnesota: it could be freezing or it could be 90 degrees out).

4. A Water Bottle-Definitely Bring a Water Bottle!

5. A flashlight

6. A bag dinner for the bus ride up and snacks to share throughout the weekend

7. Games to Share

8. Homework, if you have it

9. No iPods (or their equivalents) or cell phones. Leaders will have cell phones for youth to contact home. (If you need to reach your youth, Tom’s cell is 612-716-3150. 

11. Consent form and payment if not already sent in.

Looking forward to a great weekend!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Rally Day!!!

Hey Everyone:

Some updates about the next couples of weeks:

Though there is no Explorers Class this Sunday, Ed will be on hand during education hour to entertain 6-8th graders who may need to be here for other reasons. Or just come and have a good time.

Definitely check out the youth table at Rally day for Fall Retreat information and forms. We have a good number of folks going so far. This year we are being offered a ropes course for folks age 12 and up, there is additional waiver for that and it will be on the table with the registration form. This is an optional activity, so if you prefer to main attached to the ground (like me), you be a part of the cheering section.

St. Norm will also be posting all the forms on the blog sometime today.

Back to Rally Day... we have youth group from 5-7pm that evening. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone after such a long time off!