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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunday February 19, 2012

Hi All:

We have our team in place for this coming Sunday to help people enter their pastoral survey. The team is:

Hannah Berg
Claire Donovan
Maddy Frawley
Julia Schafer
Lily Schafer

Thanks to them!

There is no youth fellowship Sunday.

On February 26th, however, there is youth fellowship. From 6-7pm it will turn into a mandatory Mission Trip Meeting, so mission trip participants, invite your parents to show up then.

Call me with any questions,


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reminders for Youth

1. There are still 2 spaces left for youth who wish to get credit toward Mission Trip 2012 fundraising efforts on February 19. Email me if you are able to help folks fill out their congregational surveys after the 10:45 worship service. Bring a laptop and help people take the survey online. If you do not have a laptop that is OK, you can work with people filling out paper copies. Go to to see video of last Sunday's team in action. Email me if you are interested.

2. If you are in grades 9 and up, and confirmed, you are an adult member of the church. Your opinion matters greatly in the churches search for a new pastor. Speak out by taking the congregational survey yourself at If you are helping with folks filling out the survey, you will want to have done this by the 19th to be able to provide good assistance.

3. Finally, for youth going on the mission trip, there will be a mandatory parent/youth meeting at 6pm on the 26th. Come for youth group at 5pm and ask your parents to join us for the meeting from 6-7pm.



Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fundraiser Ops for 2/5 and 2/19

As stated in earlier blog entries, session is going to make a donation to the mission trip in exchange for youth helping people fill out the new pastor surveys after the worship service. This is an extremely easy way to get credit for participating in fundraising opportunities.

Our February 5th slate is filled: Liam Simmer, Mattie Daub, Daniela and Kelly Tiedemann, and Edmund Catlin will be helping people fill out the new pastor surveys.

There are still openings for February 19th. Email me if you want to participate at