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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flight Information for Denver

Flight information for the Denver Trip is as follows.

We are on Delta Airlines, and plan to meet in the Delta Airlines Group check in area no later than 3:30 pm. This area is in the lower level concourse of Lindbergh Terminal, between the parking ramps and the main terminal.

DL / 2009 June 18, 2011 Depart MSP 530PM Arrive DEN 6:38PM

Return flight

DL / 1508 June 25, 2011 Depart DEN 7:40AM Arrive MSP 10:34A M

By tomorrow at this time you should be able to see yourself on the site, under the following Delta Record Locator -- F9Y3DN. We are advised that we should be able to pop in a Delta Skymiles account number at that point. We are asked NOT to mess with seat selection at this time.

K. Woodward is under a different record # -- GN783J.

Finally, we have confirmation that Lee gets up to nine bags checked free, so our plan is to pack LABLED bedding items the night of the picnic on June 15, 2011, into 6 or so bigger bags, for purposes of checking such bags. That should free up enough room for other items to fit in a carryon bag. Also, for those with questions on carry on please follow this link:

Finally, all persons 18 and older must present government issued ID to clear the TSA checkpoint. For those youth not yet 18, they can legally pass without it, but the TSA advises that carrying ID will expedite the process of clearing the checkpoint. Therefore, passports and such will be helpful, and we know how expensive they are to replace, so the Adult Team would be happy to hold them for the week after their use at the checkpoint.

Monday, May 16, 2011



Personal notebook or journal, pen
Sleeping bag
Thin Sleeping pad
Work clothes:
-Old Shorts
-Old jeans/ long pants
-Old T-shirts
-Long-sleeved shirt
Work Shoes (sturdy shoes - No flip-flops or
open shoes, which are NOT permitted at many work sites)

Mosquito repellant
Casual clothes:
-Jeans/ pants
-Shoes for recreation
Light jacket (for rain)
Socks & underwear as appropriate
Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)
Sleeping apparel suitable for co-ed area
Water bottle

Inhalers for those who suffer from asthma

Optional Items

Spending money – NOT MORE THAN $50
Games, cards, reading material, etc.
Guitar, Banjo
Soccer Ball, Frisbee, etc.
One CD – and use good sense in making your mix


Electronic or computer games
Tape/CD players, radio, walk-mans, and
cell phones, iPods,mp3 players.
Weapon-like toys or devices
Irreplaceable clothes or jewelry
Alcohol & Non-prescription drugs
Large Air Mattresses

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reminder of May 15

Please remember the meeting for all this Sunday at 5, and bring a meal. In addition to last details we will discuss financing. The Good News is that our fundraising was successful and we were granted a very meaningful amount by our own church Mission and Social Justice Committee. The less good news is that we have seen our costs creep up.

In the past we have tried to hold the per youth cost at around $180 - $200, and this year I think it will be more like $230 each. Most folks paid a $75 deposit, and please be prepared to make a final payment on Sunday. As we never want to let money get in the way of an experience, please contact Dwight W. at the church office if there is a need for a scholarship.

Expect a letter this week from our Fundraising Team lead, Maggie, for the final details on the fundraising and the per youth contribution.

See you Sunday.